Change of forename


You can apply to a judge to have your forename changed. You will need a lawyer to submit this application on your behalf.

Submitting an application

  • Contact a lawyer.
  • The lawyer will have to submit the application to the court.
  • In the case of a minor, one of the parents or the guardian must submit the application via a lawyer.

If the judge has rejected your request, you can submit an appeal to the court within 3 months.

Modification of your documents

  • Your new forename will have to be stated on your identity document. You must apply for a new passport, identity card and driving licence.
  • If the judge has decided that your forename may be changed, we will modify your birth certificate
  • and record your new forename in our data base. All authorities which receive details from us will know your new forename.
  • You will need to let other companies and organisations know that you have a new forename.


Are you transgender? You will not need to go to court if you wish to change your forename. The forename can be changed when you apply to change your registered gender. This can only be done by the civil registrar in the municipality where you were born. Make an appointment on (0224) 210 400. You will need a number of documents. For example: a declaration from a doctor.