Holiday homes


Holiday homes are intended for the purpose of recreation or enjoying a holiday. You can spend your holiday, weekends or a days off at your holiday home. You can also temporarily rent your holiday home to other people.

You may only live permanently or for long periods in a holiday home if this is permitted by the zoning plan. It is not permitted in most holiday parks.

Permanent residence

Someone is said to be living permanently in a holiday home if he or she has no other home to live in. But it also applies if you stay in the holiday home more than you stay elsewhere.  People who have a holiday home must also have another home which is registered as their address.     

On most parks situated in the municipality of Schagen, permanent residence in a holiday home is prohibited. There are 3 parks where people are allowed to live permanently. These are:

  • Ligthof recreation park 
  • Oase bungalow park in Tuitjenhorn 
  • De Rekere bungalow park in Warmenhuizen.

Migrant workers

It is also prohibited for migrant workers to live permanently in a holiday home.

Request for enforcement

If you become aware that a holiday home is not being used for recreation or holidays, you can ask the municipal authorities to take action. We can also do this on our own initiative.

We can ask the owner to stop, but we can also ask the tenant to stop living there.

Fine or eviction

We first impose a fine to terminate the offence. This means that the owner or tenant must pay a fine if they do not stop the illegal activity. Even if the fine has been paid it does not mean that we will not take further steps. The next step is to impose a higher fine. We can also decide to evict the tenant from the holiday home.


In the past, some people have been granted a personal dispensation. This means that these people were given permission by the city executive to live permanently in their holiday home.

The policy of issuing dispensation was ended on 1 July 2017. Since that date, we have not issued a dispensation or licence for this purpose. No one else will receive permission to live permanently in a holiday home.