Land surveyor


We hold and maintain detailed maps of the municipality. This is required by law. We hire a land surveyor to draw up this map.

Building survey

All of the houses and other buildings are depicted on this map. The land surveyor will come to measure and map out any changes that occur. This means that he will also visit private homes if something has changed.

If our land surveyor wishes to carry our measurements at your home, he will call you beforehand to ask your permission. The measurements are taken outside. This means that the land surveyor will never need to enter your home.

Our land surveyor

Maarten Berkenbosch is our land surveyor. He works for the Facto Geo company.

Mr Berkenbosch will be able to prove his identity with a card issued by the Municipality of Schagen. He will also have a letter with more information for the residents.  

Foto van onze landmeter