Signature legalisation


A legalised signature proves that your signature is genuine.

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Signature legalisation

To legalise your signature, you will need to sign a document in front of a consular officer. He or she will compare this to the signature in your identity document. Legalisation of the signature confirms that the signature on the document is that of the signatory (the person signing).


  • If you authorise someone to act on your behalf. If someone is authorised to act for you, he or she can perform various tasks in your name.
  • Have you invited a guest from a foreign country to visit you? You must legalise your signature when you apply to act as guarantor.
  • For a medical declaration.
  • If you give your consent for a minor or minors to travel abroad.

For whom?

  • A municipal authority or other governmental organisation.
  • A notary.
  • A company or organisation: it is often necessary for forms or documents that are sent to foreign countries.

What do I need?

  • A valid identity document with your signature on it.
  • The document which requires your signature.

Processing time

You will be able to take the legalised signature with you immediately.


Legalisation of a signature costs €9.30.