Registration of birth


Have you just had a new baby? You must register the birth of your child within 3 days of the birth. This must be done in the municipality in which your child was born. This registration officially informs the municipality of the birth.

When to register your child

Day of birth Deadline for registration
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday
Sunday Wednesday

Does the last day fall on a public holiday? You may register the child on the following working day.

Who may register a birth?

The mother, father or co-mother may register the baby's birth. A co-mother is the mother who did not give birth to the child.

Are none of these able to register the child? The birth can then be registered by one of the following people:

  • someone who was present at the birth.
  • if the baby was born at home: a person who lives in the same house.
  • if the baby was born in a healthcare institution: the person in charge or an employee from the institution who has received authorisation from the person in charge.

What if this is also impossible? In this case, the birth can be registered by or on behalf of the mayor of the municipality where the child was born.

Digital birth registration

In Schagen, you can choosedigital registration to record your baby's birth. This is only possible if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • both parties have personal access to DigiD.
  • is there no father? The mother must register the baby herself.
  • you have received a declaration of birth from the doctor or midwife. You will need to upload this online.
  • was a certificate of acknowledgement or name choice drawn up before the baby’s birth? You will need to upload this online.

Registering a birth in person

Would you prefer to register the birth in person? Make an appointment. You can do this by telephone (0224) 210 400 or make an appointment online.

Please bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • valid proof of identity for the person who is registering the birth.
  • valid proof of identity for the mother who gave birth to the child.
  • a declaration of birth from the doctor or midwife. (If you have one).
  • a marriage certificate, if applicable. This is not compulsory.
  • a certificate of acknowledgement for the unborn child. (If you have one).
  • a certificate of name choice. (If you have one).

Is the child born to a lesbian couple?

The mother and co-mother must bring a statement by the 'Stichting donorgegevens kunstmatige bevruchting’ with them. This is only required if the donor is anonymous

Your child's surname

As parents, you can choose your child's surname. You can only choose the surname of your first child. You can do this before the birth or when you are registering the birth. All subsequent children with the same parents will automatically receive the same surname as the first child.

If your new-born child does not have Dutch nationality, you may not be able to choose your child's surname. This depends on the country of which your child is a national. Ask your embassy or consulate for information.

Registering a stillbirth

If your child lived for a short time after the birth, but the birth must be recorded as a stillbirth, a birth certificate must first be issued by the municipality in which your child was born.  A death certificate will then be issued by the municipality in which your child was born.

Was your child dead at birth?

Parents of a stillborn baby may register this child with the department of Civil Affairs. They may register their child in the Key Register of Persons (BRP). They may do this if they wish, but it is not compulsory. This also applies to any previously stillborn children.

Registration highlights the existence of the child. Their names will appear with the personal information of the parent who has made this request. If you wish to register your stillborn child you should do this in the municipality where you live. If you live in the municipality of Schagen, please consult the page Registering a stillborn baby.