Report your move abroad


If you relocate to another country for a long period of time that is known as emigration. The term emigration is used if you live abroad for more than 8 months of a single year. You are obliged to make a pre-departure declaration of your intention to emigrate from the Netherlands within 5 days of your departure. You should do this in the municipality where you live. You will then be de-registered as a resident of the municipality and your personal data will no longer be kept up to date.

How do I inform the municipal authorities that I am planning to emigrate?

How you inform the municipal authorities of your emigration depends on your situation. Are all of the people living at your address moving abroad, or will one more of them remain in the Netherlands?

All of the residents are moving abroad

Inform us digitally of your emigration. You will need a DigiD for this. Would you rather not notify us of your emigration online? Make an appointment to come into the Town Hall in person and notify us of your emigration. Be sure to bring proof of identity.

Not all of the residents are moving abroad

If only some of the residents at your address are relocating to another country, you cannot submit your emigration online. In this case, all of the people who are relocating (including juveniles) must notify the department of Civil affairs in person. All of these people must bring a valid proof of identity with them. Make an appointment by telephone or online .

Who can submit a pre-departure declaration?

The following people may notify the authorities of an emigration:

  • everyone at the age of 16 and older can do it on their own behalf
  • married couples/registered partners living at the same address for each other (only if spouses and partners are moving abroad together)
  • the parent, guardian or carer for juvenile children (only if the parent, guardian or carer is moving abroad with the children)
  • parents for resident, adult children (only if parents and resident children are moving abroad together)
  • adult children for a resident parent or parents (only if the adult children and resident parent(s) are moving abroad together
  • the guardian for a person placed under guardianship.
  • It is not possible for an authorised representative to submit a pre-departure declaration.

How much will it cost?

A pre-departure declaration is free of charge.