Extract from Key Register of Persons (BRP)


An extract from the Key Register of Persons (BRP) is a declaration that you are registered as a resident of our municipality. This is also known as an ‘extract from the population register (BPP).’

Submitting an application

  • Use the button above to do this online.
  • At the desk in the Town Hall. You can make an appointment online.
  • At the desk in the Town Hall. Make an appointment via telephone number (0224) 210 400.

We only work on an appointment basis. You cannot drop in without an appointment. Appointments are free of charge.

What you need to bring with you

  • A valid identity document.
  • Cash or a bank card.


An extract from the Key Register of Persons costs € 9,75.

If you need an extract from the Key Register of Persons for debt assistance it will be issued free of charge. You will need to show us a letter to prove that you need the extract for debt assistance.

Delivery time

If you apply online for an extract from the Key Register of Persons the copy will be sent to your home address within 5 days. Do you or does your representative wish to collect the extract in person at the Town Hall? The copy or extract will be made while you wait.

Personal data

The BRP extract will state your name, address home town, place and date of birth. It is also possible to have other information included such as marital status, the date on which you came to live in our municipality etcetera. It is also possible to include all of the members of your family.

Foreign language

If you need an extract from the Key Register of Persons for a foreign authority you can apply for a multilingual extract.


An extract from the Key Persons Register does not have an expiry date. However, it does state the date on which the extract was issued. Most authorities expect an extract to be no older than 3-6 months. You can check this with the authority which needs the extract.

Reporting errors

If you think that your personal information has not been correctly recorded in the BRP, please contact us.

Is your personal information wrong or incomplete? You can ask the municipal authorities in writing to correct it. This is known as a request for correction. You must enclose official documentary evidence with your request for correction. These documents should prove that the information in the BRP is incorrect. We will be able to modify your personal information with the aid of these documents. Of course, this will be done after we have carried out an investigation.

You will receive notification of our decision within 4 weeks. If you disagree with the decision you can submit an objection.

Blocking of personal data

Everyone may have their personal data registered in the BRP as confidential information. In this case, certain authorities do not have access to your persona data. The official term for confidentiality is ‘restricted disclosure of personal data.’ You can apply online via Request for confidentiality of personal data.

What must I do if I have confidentiality and I am moving to a different municipality? You will not need to apply for confidentiality again.

Are you not sure if you have confidentiality? You can check this on the overheid.nl website.